Monday, March 7, 2016

Desert Trip

I know it's been a long time since I posted, but now I finally have something interesting to share.

On Sunday I went on an AWA trip out to the desert to look for Shark teeth.  A long, long time ago Qatar was covered in water and thus shark teeth can be found in the certain parts of the desert.  There are also shell parts,  coral and interesting rocks.

In Qatar, if you miss your turn or exit, it is quite a drive to turn around.  In this picture the land mass on the other side of the water is Saudi Arabia.  We stopped to take a picture and then made a U-turn and back about 20 kilometers to our exit.  This is as close as I plan to get to Saudi Arabia.  We were sure we wouldn't be let in as we were two cars of female drivers & passengers.

Once we we got to our spot, we set off looking for the shark teeth.  I found it a lot like looking for sea glass on the beach in St. Joe except a bit harder as everything was basically the color of sand.  First Sheri found one, then Brigita and then it was my turn!

After some more looking I needed a rest as I was still getting over jet lag from being in Michigan a few days ago plus coming from snow to a sunny 100 degrees.

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